Bonus Episode: Baby Driver (Review)

  On this bonus episode, The Vern gives his thoughts on Edgar Wright’s latest creation,  Baby Driver.  Mr. Wright’s past movies have done a great job with matching songs with visuals, and in this one.  He takes it a step further.  Listen to the episode below and let us know what you thought of it.… Continue reading Bonus Episode: Baby Driver (Review)

Screen Trax Commentary: Purple Rain (1984)

  Dearly Beloved.  We are gathered here to do a live commentary on one of the greatest rock musicals ever made, Purple Rain.  This movie and soundtrack are the ones that made Prince a household name.  Many of the songs featured in this are the ones you know very well from this artist.   In… Continue reading Screen Trax Commentary: Purple Rain (1984)

Bonus Episode: Batman Soundtrack (1989)

Hello everyone Welcome back to our tribute to Prince.  We know we promised you an episode on Under The Cherry Moon.  But due to technical issues, that episode will be delayed.  However, we wanted to give you an episode and we are doing one on the soundtrack to Batman (1989).  Now if you were not… Continue reading Bonus Episode: Batman Soundtrack (1989)

Episode 7. Graffiti Bridge (1990)

  Hello Everybody and welcome to our first episode in celebrating the movies of his Royal Badness; Prince.  On  this show we are looking back at the sequel to Purple Rain, Graffiti Bridge.   Jordan explains the plot to Vern and both have  a fun time  discussing the soundtrack.  Listen and let us know what… Continue reading Episode 7. Graffiti Bridge (1990)

June is Prince Month on ScreenTrax

Hello Everyone.   We are getting ready to bring to you a month long tribute to his royal badness, Prince.  In celebration of his birthday we will be covering the three films he has acted in.  Including, Purple Rain, Under The Cherry Moon, and Graffiti Bridge.  We are also looking for guests to help us… Continue reading June is Prince Month on ScreenTrax

Genre Grandeur: Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

  Movie Rob( hosts a blogathon over on his site called Genre Grandeur where he asks a different writer to pick a film genre and then other bloggers write a post based on the chosen topic.  This Month Audrey Fox of has chosen the genre of Movie Musicals.  This is the perfect opportunity to… Continue reading Genre Grandeur: Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Filmwhys Podcast #85- Reservoir Dogs & Tank Girl

Bubbawheat is the main gentleman who was responsible for giving us our name.  So it seems fitting that we praise him and his show on this site.  Both movies are great and each feature a fantastic soundtrack.   Listen to the episode, subscribe to the show(Check out Kai on The MILFcast as well)     The Why… Continue reading Filmwhys Podcast #85- Reservoir Dogs & Tank Girl